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TIS Foundation Institute


We empower students to change their lives through comprehensive educational opportunities and supportive services. We provide quality education that is accessible, relevant, and responsive to labor market and community needs while contributing to the Washington DC’s economic vitality. We value all individuals and provide an inclusive environment that fosters equity and student success.

TIS Foundation Institute will be:

  • An institution that fuels the economic success and well-being of students through programs that respond to increasingly rigorous and evolving industry requirements and workforce needs.
  • An educational leader in creating and facilitating innovative pathways that advance career and transfer opportunities for students.
  • An institution that cultivates and leverages industry, government, donor, and individual partnerships to advance the institution’s immediate and long-term priorities.
  • An institution that effectively harnesses traditional and new media to elevate its reputation for program excellence, value, and job-ready graduates.
  • An institution in which the organizational and governance structures support flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to changing educational and economic environments.

1. Deliver Quality Education

  • Maintain a focus on improvement and assessment that is supported by creating a culture of excellence.
  • Provide timely, accurate, equitable, and consistently accessible service
  • Effectively utilize existing and future personnel, resources, facilities, and space to meet evolving needs
  • Strategically incorporate technology for efficiency and accessibility

2. Student Development and Success

  • Foster learning within the context of holistic student development
  • Provide programs and services that promote student retention and persistence to graduation
  • Create opportunities for hands-on learning, internships and practicum experiences.
  • Create opportunities for personal, professional, and social growth

3. Cultivate Equity

  • Recognizing that there are obstacles for students in attaining academic goals, equity strives to achieve fairness through inclusion and active removal of barriers to eliminate disparities by supporting student progress, program completion, transfer and/or gainful employment.
  • We are committed to addressing equity as a basis for creating opportunities and providing resources to historically underrepresented students and to the success of all members of our community.

4. Diversity

  • Develop, promote, and sustain an inclusive environment that advance opportunities for respectful dialogue
  • Promote social justice
  • Lead diversity efforts for recruitment, retention, and development of students

5. Sustainability

  • Be a progressive educational leader through innovation, identifying opportunities for improvement, effectively utilizing public and private resources to support student success.

1. Mutual Respect, Integrity & Honesty

The members of our community are our defining resource. Our treatment of each other is principled, open, transparent and respectful.

2. Inclusivity & Diversity

We are a learning community.  We value interaction between faculty members and students as the fundamental activity of the institution. We aim to be accessible to all who wish to learn with us.

3. Pursuit of Knowledge

We have a driving urge to know the unknown. We engage our students in these pursuits, seeking to instill in them a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding.

4. Community & Social Responsibility

We employ our expertise to serve each other and society. The knowledge we generate enriches the community. We are legitimately concerned with all aspects of our world.

5. Accountability & Well-Being

We are accountable for our performance to each other, our students, and the public. We value a safe, healthy, and supportive community.

The Strategic Directions are:

  1. Advance the delivery of innovative instructional offerings, such as pathways and stackable credentials, to meet competitive workforce needs and increase educational and career opportunities for students.
  2. Optimize strategic partnerships to respond to employer needs, augment operational and fiscal resources, and promote mutual interests.
  3. Increase data-driven decision-making at all levels and promote transparency by disseminating information and developing the infrastructure needed to support the use of data.
  4. Transform learning spaces to accommodate collaborative learning, incorporate advanced technology and new media, and engage the Community’s diverse population.
  5. Foster a culture of inclusion that values, respects, recruits, and retains a diverse  community.

Education & Training Programs

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Center-based Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Family Child Care

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Food Manager, Food Handler, Alcohol, Allergens, Workplace

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CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+