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TIS Foundation:
Tackling COVID-19

As concerns of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) grows with the increasing number of confirmed cases and rising death toll, TIS Foundation aims to ensure that the health and economic concerns of vulnerable, underserved and high poverty communities are addressed in the United States.

With our over 25 years of serving underserved communities in Greater Washington area, we are equipped with the logistics and experience to intervene on their behalf as they face the uncertainties resulting from this outbreak. Our family and youth-centered initiatives are focused on filling gaps in critical community services necessary to move families from crisis to stability and growth. Our goal is to leverage innovative industry partnerships to create seamless pathways to economic opportunity by connecting low-skilled workers to jobs, and offering skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities while addressing their most critical support needs.

Low-income U.S. citizens and immigrants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of community spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Health and safety issues and related economic challenges such as layoffs and temporary business closures will bring effects that are still unknown with potentially grave concerns. As these alarming set of consequences transition to long-term unemployment, indefinite business closings, and increased social strife, we could see civil unrest, crime and possible incarceration that will likely add a significantly higher financial burden to the country. The social and economic impact of Coronavirus on this population will be felt much harder and longer than in wealthier communities.

TIS Foundation’s efforts to support the most vulnerable U.S. residents, particularly senior citizens and low-income families, during this crisis include:

  • Provision of essentially needed materials to the underserved communities
  • Distribution of five thousand bags of essential items like sanitizers, face mask, canned food, information flyers and other necessities to our underserved communities


We stand ready to provide the personnel, management, technical, fiscal, and administrative support necessary to successfully support, equip, and elevate high poverty communities across the United States. As an organization deeply noted for its positive interventions on social issues, TIS Foundation is counting on your support as we gear up to confront this pandemic.


TIS Foundation COVID-19 Information:

Email: Covid-19support@tisfoundation.org

Hotline: 202-681-9643