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Seniors, low-income U.S. citizens and immigrants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of community spread of Coronavirus. The combined effect of conditions resulting from Coronavirus, including health and safety issues and related economic challenges such as layoffs, temporary business closures and food shortages, are unknowns with potentially grave consequences. As these alarming set of consequences transition to long-term unemployment, indefinite business closings and increased social strife, we could see civil unrest, crime and possible incarceration that will likely add a significantly higher financial burden to the country. The social and economic impact of Coronavirus on our most vulnerable communities will be felt much harder and longer than in wealthier communities.

 In order to reduce the coronavirus threat, everyone must feel safe to self-report, seek and receive medical treatment, and be quarantined when needed to reduce the incidents of transmission within families and communities. TIS Foundation has established a coalition of community and faith-based organizations to implement the (TCI-IVC) Initiative, which is a community education and outreach, and preventative sanitization strategy to counter the spread of COVID-19 and its long-term negative economic impact.

TIS Foundation is launching TCI-IVC in collaboration with the interfaith community, businesses and other community-based organizations to support the most vulnerable U.S. residents. TCI-IVC will implement a comprehensive set of facilities, environmental and medical services to mitigate the risks of further community spread of the Coronavirus while also addressing the potentially devastating social and economic concerns of those already struggling to maintain financial stability. We aim to partner with the government in addressing this crisis and seek support from individuals and the philanthropic and business sectors to help us fill the gap for high-poverty communities impacted by this public health crisis.

TIS Foundation COVID-19 Information:

Email: Covid-19support@tisfoundation.org

Helpline: 202-681-9643

TIS Foundation is establishing a network of distribution and training centers in local churches through its community and faith-based coalition to provide essential services:


Educate communities about proper public safety procedures


Provide health safety kits to families to help prevent the spread of COVID-19


Provide food, water and other essential supplies to families in need


Provide employment and entrepreneurship training for displaced workers.


Decontaminate and sanitize public spaces, including places of worship, daycare centers, senior citizen residences, and community centers