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TIS Foundation Collaborative Interfaith Initiative: Addressing the National Health and Economic Concerns of Local Vulnerable Communities (TCI-IVC)

The deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) threat is growing rapidly with increases in the number of confirmed cases reported daily, and an alarming rising death toll. Senior citizens, low-income U.S. citizens and immigrants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of community spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to lack of access to health care and preventative supplies, self-reporting concerns related to their immigration status, and loss of income from being out of work. Local small businesses and faith-based organizations are also at great financial risk. These combined conditions can set off an alarming set of consequences, including short- and long-term unemployment, business closings, increased crime and possible incarceration adding a significantly higher financial burden to the country.

In order to reduce the coronavirus threat, everyone must feel safe to self-report, seek and receive medical treatment, and be quarantined when needed to reduce the incidents of transmission within families and communities. TIS Foundation has established a coalition of community and faith-based organizations to implement the (TCI-IVC) Initiative, which is a community education and outreach, and preventative sanitization strategy to counter the spread of COVID-19 and its long-term negative economic impact.

TIS Foundation is establishing a network of distribution and training centers in local churches through its community- and faith-based coalition as TIS Foundation Collaborative Interfaith Initiative: Addressing the National Health and Economic Concerns of Local Vulnerable Communities (TCI-IVCcenters to:

  • Educate low-income U.S. citizens and immigrants about proper public safety procedures
  • Provide health safety kits to families for virus protection.
  • Provide food, water and other essential supplies to compensate for lost wages.
  • Provide employment and entrepreneurship training for displaced workers.
  • Decontaminate and sanitize public spaces, including Centers, worship facilities, and local small businesses.

We are seeking partnerships with the government and private sector in the form of cash and in-kind donations to be able to provide the following:   Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention information from federal and state agencies Preventative safety kits (gloves, face masks and hand sanitizers) Medical supplies (thermometers and ibuprofen) Food pantries (non-perishable food items, including water and canned goods)

Vehicle delivery services for senior citizens and individuals unable to travel to the local (TCI-IVC) center.  On-going containment, decontamination and sanitization of public and private spaces, including (TCI-IVC) centers, worship facilities, and local small businesses so they can remain operational or reopen as quickly as possible.

Please email us at Covid-19support@tisfoundation.org or call our hotline at 202-681-9643.